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The New Builder, Exclusive to, allows You to Customize your Screen Views Quickly and Easily.

You Know That:

Surely, you have also experienced this: The new application looks great, but some important fields are missing. The well-known "fax number," although not widely used anymore, is one of the most obvious examples. Users would like to help themselves and add the missing information.

Unfortunately, with Odoo, there are only two options for this: Either learn programming and write the necessary extension yourself, or purchase the expensive, non-open-source, and vendor-lock-in-like Odoo Enterprise version, which may provide a great experience after a few years. By the way, module development can still be worthwhile for Enterprise customers because it offers better updateability and portability.

In any case, the fax number is required. It may seem like a simple example, but the devil is in the details. With ITISeasy Builder, different types of fields can be created. The field can be created as a numerical or text field. While a text field accepts anything you provide, it is different for a numerical field: Only numbers can be inserted. However, there are also differences within numerical fields. They can be set to accept whole numbers, decimal numbers (e.g., 21.67), or even special cases. The specifics depend on the programming language or the definitions within the program's context (objects).

In the case of or Odoo, the programming language used for this area is Python. However, Python itself does not have any built-in data types. But, like all modern programming languages, this can be complemented appropriately. In, this is defined in the model "ir_." The Builder utilizes these declarations and type checks to define selectable field types that must also fit the database. Phew, that was quite technical, wasn't it?

How Do We Realize This, for Our Users?

From a user's perspective, the most common case, namely the addition of fields in certain areas, is wonderfully covered by Builder. The fields can be arranged in the preview at the right place and are available thereafter. These field constructs can also be introduced and used in header row displays. Through relation fields, it is even possible to establish relationships with other data tables.

    Further Possibilities

By the way, with Builder, you can not only add fields to appropriate positions in the form, but you can also customize the columns of a list view to suit your needs. The existing fields of a data table are displayed, and you can easily add them to the list view at the desired location. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the column width to ensure the view fits your available space.

  Why Odoo S.A. emphasizes the Enterprise version and Odoo Community always takes a back seat, and why we developed ITISeasy as an Odoo alternative. 

Since version 9, there has been the name "Odoo" and two versions of Odoo. The separation serves a purpose: Odoo S.A., the Belgian company, finally has to earn money. Many investors have invested in the company, and the "Return on Investment" as well as the "Exit Plan" are contractually agreed upon. If Odoo S.A. fails to meet these conditions, significant trouble may arise: investors could put pressure on the owners and management of Odoo S.A. by demanding a return on their investment, causing the whole debt-based house of cards to collapse.

It is clear that Odoo will practically do anything to accelerate their revenue-generating Enterprise sales, particularly at the expense of the Community version, which appears to be the less favored child. Although this version is necessary, as many developers have collectively built on this foundation until version 8, Odoo Version 9 was quite thinly built due to a significant number of coders who did not want to participate in the change of license model from AGPL to LGPL, which allowed the inclusion of proprietary code into the product, and as a protest, withdrew their consent to its use.

For those who have read this far, you might wonder, "What does this have to do with me?" Well, since version 10, Odoo S.A. has begun to simply delete certain code parts of the Community version that they themselves had written. While initially, it was claimed that these parts were no longer compatible with something, now there isn't even an explanation given. If you don't believe it, you can read about it here. The latest victim is bank consolidation, which was one of the significant advantages of Odoo's financial accounting. Fortunately, many developers from the community - including us - are working to fill these gaps again and often implementing them even better than before.

Even today, the majority of developers do not work for Odoo S.A., but they diligently develop modules that benefit the Community version. These modules are accessible and usable for everyone as open source (Odoo is an open-source ERP software solution). is also based on many modules developed by colleagues, and this is clearly indicated. With a total of 170 new and complementary modules, ITIS is clearly in its own league and outperforms Odoo Enterprise functionally in many respects.

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Where the Current Limit Lies

Appetite comes with the food. Just like with a good meal, the same applies here. Users' desires are diverse and continuously increasing. Currently, the scenario described above represents the current standard.

Of course, the architect cannot anticipate all possible use cases, and the time capacity of a developer is limited. However, we always welcome feedback and even more so, we appreciate collaborators who help us further develop the solution.


How the Solution Ensures Security in the Future

In any case, even today, with ITISeasy.builder, non-programmers can enjoy a new kind of freedom, namely the adaptability to your needs. But so that this data is not simply gone with the next update, the additions are programmed and saved as a separate definition in a file. is Based on an Open-Source ERP Software, and With the Builder, You Can Further Customize it to Suit your Specific Needs.

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