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Meeting - Training - Presentation

Online Meetings from Your Home Office is an excellent open source webconference solution for web team meetings and online meetings.

Nowadays, a reliable tool, transferring presentations, documents, audio and video is essential. Enjoy exceptional quality in your online meetings and trainings with or for employees or customers, exchange notes, elevate and evaluate surveys, share your screen, documents and much more.

To provide maximum security and avoid co-listeners or secret recordings, runs on your own server, a server, hosted in our German data center, or a dedicated server.

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Costs and Service

Why trust for your online-meetings, webcasts and web-conferences? Let`s take a closer look:

Acquisition and​ op​erati​​ng costs

Attractive pricing for your absolutely secure, high quality solution.


Whenever you need us: 

Cost-effective support 8/5 to 24/7 as an option.

Migration and updates

Quick and easy migration and update options.


Versatile training possibilities in excellent quality.

Extensibility and Customization

Particular customizations possible via interface on your own. Adaptations/extensions possible in Java code (low cost)​


Future-proof and timeless due to OpenSource.​

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System - independent and up - to - date solutions. 

Runs on your

PC/ Tablet/ Smartphone.​

Client - Requirement

Any current operating system (browser support).

Access type


Other special features

Easy invitation management for your online-meetings.

Open Source: the big community, improving the solution, steadily enlarges.​​


Client / Application Server / Filesystem.​


In use for one year > 98%.​

Data security

Secure system (no access by third parties).​

Data management 

Clear admin surface in webcasts and webconferences. 

Access from everywhere

Yes, with good internet connection.


In Geman data centers only.​​

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Special Features

You want more? There you go:

  • Video web-conferences
  • Phone conferences
  • Handing over presenter role
  • Group functionality
  • Easy dial - in by access code
  • Whiteboard with note function

  • Recording of online-meetings
  • Webbased
  • Mute
  • Sharing Screen
  • Displaying who´s talking in webcasts

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Online-Meetings and Webcasts with

            Your online-meetings? Simple and clear.  -  Your customer support? Easy and reliable.

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Control Center f​or Your Online-Meetings

With you can create different permanent meeting rooms for specific webconferences, groups or customers, suited for recurring use. In addition, the following settings are available for every created  meeting room:

  • Muting participants when entering
  • Approval by moderator before entering the room
  • Every participant can start the online-meeting
  • All participants take part as moderator

This enables you to adjust your options to each specific purpose.

Display in the Web-Conference

Register with or without audio. See all participants and their status. Upload presentations, share your screen and documents. Collective notes are visible for all participants, and can be created, edited and exported.

Meet and work in real time with our available chat function!