ITISeasy builder

This module helps to do small programming adjustments on your own without programming experience

Individual creating

Insert fields, columns or attributes as you need without programming knowledge

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Fax number for example is not standard anymore and was added here

What to expect from IT IS Easy Builder

Features of IT IS Easy Builder


Automatic Code Generation

Simple front-end editing without manually coding

Convenient Code Transfer

Easy code transfer between databases or for backup reasons

Individualize your System

On builder mode you can insert fields, columns, attributes etc. where you need them to create value for you



How to use the IT IS Easy Builder

Building your own fields

When the builder mode is activated your individual adjustments can be made. The modul creates the code automatically at the backend. You only have to decide where you want the changes!

In the screenshot beside for example the fax column was additionally inserted.

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Of course you can not only insert new columns where you need it, but also adjust it right to the widgth how you need it. If you know the filled columns will need more space (f.ex. E-Mails need more Space than just the Name) then you can broaden them already in advance.

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Rename existing fields

You can not only adjust and create new fields - you can also changes for example the names of the existing fields if the are not fitting for your usage. 

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Properties of your fields or columns

For every column or field you created or exists you can define the properties of the field. You can define the field as mandatory (required), as readonly (no editing by the user) or you can hide the field. Here the fax column is hidden e.g. if you want to show it only if enough entries are made you can uncheck the invisible box again. 

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Create your ERP System just as you need it

With this functionality you don't need to contact your ERP provider for small changes - you can do it yourself. Here an additional customer information field was added.

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Adjust the placement of your fields

Create and move your fields exactly to the place on the form view where you need it. Here the field additional customer information is created and moved to the right side.

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With this examples you see that you can gain a lot of value for your solution as changes are easy and fast to handle without having deep programming skills!

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