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Almost since time immemorial, or at least already mentioned in the Old Testament, there have been contracts between people. This is a record of when two parties come to an agreement. Of course, there are completely different contracts, from the purchase of a household item to the establishment of a company or marriage. However, they all have certain features in common: The matter at hand is just as central as the timing, and of course it is important that the contracting parties clearly and verifiably express their will to conclude the contract. In order to be able to map this situation optimally, we have adapted the Odoo ERP solution specifically for this purpose.

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In a business solution such as, contract management is one of the system's most central tasks: employees can see here at any time what has been agreed, if the entry of the contract data has happened and could happen correctly. This applies to both sales and purchasing contracts. In this respect, the enterprise solution from odoo Germany has nothing reasonable to offer, but is limited to the traditional way of the individual order or purchase order. The still available "Subscription" module for contract management with the German odoo Enterprise is very much geared to in-house needs and can only be used directly in a few business cases.

Those who trade buy and sell - mostly on the basis of contracts.

In contrast to the Odoo ERP solution, shows how the whole thing works: Both blanket orders and contracts with monthly services, but also mixed with contract components that are only called off and delivered once, are possible here. The highlight here is the possible Linking purchasing and sales transactions directly in the contract module; this way, interdependent contracts can be modeled and provided with corresponding dependency calculations and messages in case of contract changes.

The Mixed form of a contract, which includes both one-time components (for example, the delivery of hardware), but also the monthly billing of a service, for example, support or line costs, can also be mapped in This allows real business transactions to be recorded on one document - multiple contracts are usually no longer necessary.

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Nothing is as constant as change: also has built-in modeling of upsell and downsell.

With this because when contracts are drawn up, many things are specified, but they can change over time. If both parties agree, these changes can be recorded and implemented. This concerns, for example, the contract term, but also the possibility of adapting the contract in terms of content/services. So, for example, the changes in delivery conditions, delivery quantities, quality of the product or even its characteristics (performance promise). is based on the solution of Odoo Germany and some of these possibilities are anchored in the area of upsell and downsell so that the clerk can talk qualified with the customer about the contract contents and note the corresponding changes in the contract module.

To keep track of many contracts, the management dashboard and the Contract Dashboard a great way to view what's happening. Here you can immediately see at a glance which contracts are about to expire and therefore need to be looked at, or how much contract revenue is generated in the current month, the next month and so on. Of course, these views are interactive and can be used as a starting point for the drill-down in the contract module. As usual, further viewing options can be found in the BI view, where contracts can be listed very quickly according to customer groups or sales teams. The same applies, of course, to the purchasing area.

Now the contract management for the area of purchasing and sales is covered, but there are other areas where contracts play a role: Personnel and their employment contracts, for example, can also be managed very well via the HR module. Why don't you take a look here?

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