Warnings before the end of the contract

With ITISeasy.business you will never forget to cancel a contract again and you will be able to target customer loyalty in case of expiring contracts.


This function is important for sales contracts as well as for purchase contracts, so that no contracts expire unintentionally or are extended.

In the example in the screenshot, an option is possible in the supplier orders that shows all contracts that will expire in the future.

When to warn?

The time from when a warning should become active can be configured individually in the settings. In the example in the screenshot, a reminder is sent 30 days before the contract expires.


How and who is warned?

As you can see in the screenshot next to it, the contracts that will expire in the future are shown on the contract dashboard in the overview "Expiration customer contracts". In addition, the pop-up bar will draw attention to this.

Besides these options to keep an eye on the contract expirations, configurable reminder emails are sent as well.

Mail warning

The creator of the sales order (sales person) and the buyer will receive an additional mail besides the reminders shown above.

With ITISeasy.business you will no longer miss any contract expirations.


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