ITISeasy credit limit

Our new functionality makes it possible to set a credit limit for a customer. It will be checked when confirming new offers or order when the limit is exceeded.

Credit limit exceeded!​  

With our credit limit check you will be notified when a customer's limit is reached and like in the example below an order should not be confirmed or be confirmed after the customer payed his debt to be under​ the credit limit again.

How the credit limit works​  

The situation is clear. You get an order from a customer and of course - normally you want to confirm it right away to get your business going.
What if the customer is not reliable and you know the last two invoices are already due and he still is not pay ​ing? If it is your only customer behaving like this it is easy to just call him and send another reminder before you confirm the new order.
But it is also clear that the more customer you have the harder it gets to have an overview. With our credit limit check you will be automatically notified when a customer exceeds the credit limit.