Digitize your warehouse operations with ITISeasy.business too

July 20, 2023 by

Mr. Müller in the warehouse is despairing: Every day, more packages arrive and have to be reshipped - business is booming!

Help Mr. Müller: With the new scanner solution in ITISeasy.business, Mr. Müller can now process all pending warehouse operations. From now on, keyboard and mouse are superfluous here - all Mr. Müller still needs is a scanner. All processes, such as start, stop, or next delivery bill, can be controlled via the scanner.

The daily tasks, such as putaways and deliveries according to the pick list, can now be processed quickly and easily by controlling the processes on the scanner.

Manual, error-prone activities are no longer necessary and Mr. Müller can once again perform his daily tasks effortlessly.

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