Scanner Solution

Digitize your warehouse operations with

Configuration basic settings for scanning operations

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The basic settings for barcode scanning are used to set up the required or enabled options and information that are allowed to be read in via the scanner.

Providing the documents for the warehouse

Create your quotes, or quote requests to suppliers, as usual with your

After e.g. a customer has ordered the offer, the offer is confirmed and the corresponding order is generated.

Likewise, with the confirmation of the offer, the associated "pick order" for the warehouse, as well as the delivery bill for the packing station is automatically generated.

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Editing the warehouse operations

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With, warehouse employees now need neither a mouse nor a keyboard. All activities, such as next delivery bill, start, stop, or edit, can be controlled via the scanner with the improved Error-prone, manual activities are therefore no longer necessary.

The individual putaways or deliveries of items from a pick list can thus be made quickly and easily at the respective storage location and recorded with the scanner.

The items destined for customer orders now only have to be packed at the packing station with the associated delivery bill and made ready for dispatch.

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