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Optimize your workflows with V16
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Our workflow in our company...

Today we unveil the secrets of IT Services GmbH. Learn how we are using workflows and who is in charge of what:

This is our team

Rudolf Sommer, CEO

Tasks: among others - Invoice verification and approval

Alexander Winter, Sales

Tasks: Communication with customers and preparation of quotations

Frank Herbst, Head of Sales

Tasks: among others - checking and approval of quotations

Tanja Grün, Accoounting

Tasks: Invoice preparation in coordination with Mr. Sommer and sending invoices

Rainer Fachmann, IT Management

Tasks: System monitoring, installation and configuration of new modules


Schneider Elektro GmbH, Herr Friedrich Schneider

It happened more often recently: Our quotations sent by inside sales to our Prospects and customers were declined. In these tough times, we need to find out why. One of the reasons identified quickly is the right fit for the purpose. We need some more experienced opinion for the offers sent out. It turned out that the new hire Mr. Winter needs support. 

To remedy this situation, Mr. Sommer instructed his IT manager, Mr. Fachmann, to look for a solution to this problem.

Since IT Services GmbH already uses as its ERP system, Mr. Fachmann came up with a solution relatively quickly: lets generate a feedback cycle and use the new workflow module integrated into for it. With this powerful workflow management tool, workflows can be configured for all relevant areas, such as purchasing, project management and, of course, sales.

We need an approval workflow

First, a new approval procedure gets in place for offers above €1000,- Remember, this is to improve the quality of offers by better suiting the clients needs and thus increase acceptance among customers.

In order to put this into practice, the ITISeasy workflow module is installed and configured by Mr. Fachmann. The first step is to configure the new approval workflow for quotations, so that from now on all quotations over 1000,- € have to be approved by the sales manager, Mr. Herbst. You want to know how this works? Just click the button. Or continue with the story.

Configuration of a workflow

Quotation preparation

Approval process

Odoo is now a very well-known ERP system in Germany - BUT: why don't they use our improved solution?

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