Reports in personnel management

In, a variety of business intelligence reports can be created that clearly reflect the key figures of the personnel modules.


The reports in allow you to display the data collected by the system in a clear and concise manner, and to use it as a basis for decision-making.

As an administrator you can print out the attendance times of your employees collected in a PDF report.

Attendance Report​

According to the item principle, each attendance time is booked separately and accordingly the summary of the booked times can be recorded for each employee.

Depending on the authorization of the user, for example, only the own reports or for all employees can be generated.

More about the attendance times

Attendance Report

In addition to the PDF reports, further evaluations in various diagram forms are also possible. Here the attendance times per month and employee are displayed graphically. Other diagrams like pie chart or line chart are also possible.

Attendance comparison

The report function also makes it possible to compare the theoretical hours to be worked according to the working hours model with the hours actually worked.

Here, for example, the attendance times of the employee can be displayed on a daily basis and the distribution of the working hours can be analyzed.

Absence time reports/ vacation reports

Absence analysis by employee

The various absences (illness, vacation, etc.) can also be displayed in bar/pie and line charts. In addition, a subdivision by employee or by absence type is possible.

Absence analysis by absence type

The table shows the absences of the employees filtered in the absence types (e.g. paid vacation or sickness) and indicates the duration and status of the times.

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