The survey module of

Determine a mood picture from the company with simple and effective means.

 You want to know how satisfied your employees are with your company?

With, conducting and creating surveys is no problem. Different question and answer options offer you the optimal possibility to recognize opinions from your company.

Create surveys easily

The survey creation begins with the creation of the relevant questions. Here, in the example, a satisfaction survey is created to reflect the opinion of the employees.

The survey can of course be used repeatedly, e.g. once a year with small changes resulting from everyday work.

Create surveys easily

When creating questions, it is possible to choose from several question types. Do you want employees to fill in text boxes, choose numerical values, or choose from multiple answer options? Depending on the question and content, decide how best to derive the opinion.

Conditional queries

It is common to show some questions only if a preceding question was answered with a certain value. This conditional query is shown in the screenshot. The question edited here will be shown only if the triggering question 'How do you rate the working atmosphere in the company' was answered with 'Unpleasant'.

Matrix questions

To get as many answers as possible in a short time, it is also possible to use the matrix questions in the module.

Both sides of the matrix must be defined beforehand in the settings.

Evaluation of the surveys​

Graphical evaluation

Each question and the answers can be evaluated both graphically and in tabular form. The type of question (multiple choice; number of answers, etc.) is also shown on the evaluation so that the results can be easily interpreted.

Tabular evaluation

In this case, the tabular evaluation shows a matrix question in which each given answer option is displayed with the exact percentage.

Depending on the evaluation situation, you can choose which form is more suitable. For example, the graphs are suitable for presentation and the tables for management decision.

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