Recurring activities

Recurring activities / tasks

Based on activities that can be created for various processes in IT IS easy business, it is also possible to define recurring tasks and to be reminded of them both by notification and by e-mail.

Recurring tasks

Configuration of the repetitions of the activities and reminder function

Create repetition

When creating an activity, "Recurring" can be selected, which displays a configuration of the recurrence. The typical values and setting options for the recurrence are available for this.

In addition, a reminder can be set in advance of the task

Status and notes of the tasks

If a task is completed, a corresponding note can be made on the task. In the chatter, you can see the status and colleagues' notes at any time.

Keeping track of appointments

In the overview you can see at first glance when the next activity for a task is due. By means of the color you can also directly recognize today's tasks or those that are already overdue.

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