Reminder Management

ITIS Reminder Management 

 To keep your cash flow running and manage customer payments, the ITIS easy dunning process is at your disposal.
You can configure different reminder levels and define corresponding actions.​

Due Payments  

Define dunning levels, send payment reminders and dunning notices.

Send Notifications and Letters​


Notify based on the level of payment tracking​.

Generate letters for overdue payments based on the level.

Reconciliation Bookings

Display all entries of outstanding payments.

Manual Follow-up

Manually download/print letters based on the level.

Manually send notifications and letters according to the level.

 Payment Monitoring

 Assign responsible person as a contact.

Automatically set follow-up stages based on the duration.

Generate Report

Print and download the payment tracking report.

The content of the report should vary according to the level.

Follow-up Analysis

 Analysis report for the follow-up level

How to create bar, line, and pie charts for tracking

Configure for Multi-Stage Payment Tracking

Create your custom tracking phases and specify which actions should be taken in these phases. - the Complete Solution for your Business

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