WIKI is way more than a document management system. With its new structured WIKI, it is your source of knowledge - for coworkers, employees, and yourself. Experience your html-pages based, media enriched solution to preserve and share all precious and useful kinds of knowledge and information.

Get All the Best Characteristics of Document Management for Your WIKI Now!

Unleash a WIKI not yet experieced! The placement of WIKI items in folders helps with user rights, automation, structured views, workflows and attributes.  Make knowledge your primary asset in your organisation and provide an excellent search-function to your colleagues and partners.

Clear Tree Structure

By creating generic terms and the associated sub-terms you create a clear tree structure in your company WIKI. Your employees will orientate quickly!

Categories, tags, and other attributes can be attached to the respective elements at any time. Further subdivision is possible. If you prefer a flat model instead, just skip folders.

Adding a Picture Combined to Your Text (Step 1)

Enrich your written content with meaningful images.

Secure the expertise of your specialists, make this knowledge available for your workforce and improve competence of all employees.

With WIKI you provide a tool to your employees, allowing them to document their knowledge, add explanations, photos, graphics and further details, and share them with colleagues. Your company´s wealth of experience can be extended and documented daily and grows continually!