ITISeasy adjusting orderlines

Fill in the products you want to add to your offer without opening a separate window- 

When our feature is useful

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Adding products to offers

You know your product - you know the customer and you know the quantity the customer wants to buy. In this case the offer is a regular process where no extra time needs to be spent to check all the details. You can fill the order lines quickly with the product.

With our feature you avoid that the window shown in the screenshot below opens and thus shorten the process.  

How to access the details

After adding the product to the order lines the possibility of checking the details is still given and the window can be open via the access button shown in the screenshot in the right side.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Check the details when required

Highlighted in the screenshot before, the opened window with all the necessary details concerning the offer or the contract are given here.