Project Forecast

ITIS Project Forecast

This module helps to get an overview and to distribut your employees workload

This is how it works​  

Creating projects and according tasks

The project module lets you create and see all the task of all your projects. The fore cast module has its focus on giving an overview of alle your projects and employees and how their work in the projects is plannend.

Every task should be assigned to an employee and the needed times should be given.

See the workload of each employee

With this functionality you can see the workload of your employees per day/ per week/ per month with the according distribution to the projects.


See the workload of each project

With this functionality you can see which employees work on which project on which day/week/month.

It's a powerful tool to plan the project times for your employees.


The Project Forecast

​Be up to date about all your projects and when you planned to work on them​

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