Professional Accounting Features

ITISeasy Professional Accounting Features

The features in our finance module allow you to use the latest accounting procedures and keep your finances organized and right to all regulatories

 What features are included in

Import of additional bank statements

You are not dependent of just one typ!

Advanced Turnover 
Tax Return

Representation included in


Reconciliation suggestions are included

 Grouped Display of accounts

Chart of Accounts can be displayed matched to the according parts in the balance sheet or profit and loss calculation

​Extended Chart of Accounts

Debits, Credits and Balances are added to the chart of accounts!

  How the features look like

Additional Imports

Import additional bank statements via Paypal CSV or American Express CSV

Reconciliation Function

This functionality is included in version 14 of and allows to get suggestions for the reconciliations/bookings of open bookings and receipts in the system

Extended charts of accounts

In the Chart of Accounts was extended with the columns Debit, Credit and Balance where automatically the balances are displayed. The columns are updated on a ongoing basis.

Advanced Turnover Tax Return

Of course the advanced turnover tax return report a part of the solution and can be displayed easily.

Grouped display of Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts can be displayed in an overview where the accounts are grouped. - the complete solution for your business

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