IT IS Easy Product Life Cycle Management

IT IS Easy Product Life-Cycle Management is an easy-to-use module, which helps to manage the Engineering Change Orders (ECO) and Bill of Materials (BOM) and be up to date about your products

Our module helps you to never miss a thing about your product changes

Your advantages of product life cycle management module

Highly configurable

Set the stages and types of product changes as they fit best for your business

Information in one place

You have all the information about your product changes in one module

Be up to date

Every Employee works in the same version and has always the latest product information

How it works

Overview over your product changes

You always have the tasks for your product changes and the new planned products in one module

Create change order for new products

Create your Engineering Change Orders ECO with the product that it determines or the BOM. You always see the actual status of the order in the stage bar.


The stages are individually configurable that they fit best for your engineering process.

Besides the stages, the ECO types are also configurable.

IT IS Easy Business - a complete solution for you business

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