ITISeasy Marketing Automation

Our module enables you to automate your marketing actions just like e-mail campaigns, to reach all of your customers!

 How do You Benefit from this Module ?

A Possible Use Case

You want to inform your customers once a year about the latest product developments and keep them updated on what's happening in your company through an email campaign. Reaching out to your customers manually would be a major effort!

With our module, you can avoid this situation and let the module do the work for you.

How our Module Will Help in this Situation:

Creating a Campaign

Create a campaign and define, which customer should be addressed in the campaign. 

Create Actions Within the Campaign

Here, an action is being set up where each customer from Germany (Country Code = DE) will receive an email one hour after the start of the campaign.

Of course, actions can be of different types. Another possibility would be to expire a promotion code after a certain set time. A server action would then execute this action.

Use a Template for Mails

If you decide to send an automated email to your selected customers, you can utilize an existing email template or create a new one specifically for this purpose.

By using an email template, you can ensure consistency in your communication and save time by not having to design each email from scratch. The template can include sections for introducing the latest product developments, highlighting key features, providing links to additional resources or product pages, and incorporating your company branding.

Stay Updated on How the Campaign is Progressing.

For each created action, you can view its status and track various metrics. Some of the metrics that can be displayed include the number of emails sent, emails opened, and emails replied to.

The actions can be configured with different statuses such as:

Mail replied: This status indicates that the recipient has responded to the email. It could be a direct reply or a specific action taken as a response to the email content.

Mail opened: This status shows that the recipient has opened the email. It indicates that the email has successfully captured their attention and they have viewed its contents.

Mail not opened: This status signifies that the recipient has not yet opened the email. It implies that the email may still be sitting unopened in their inbox or spam folder. - the Complete Solution for Your Business

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