ITISeasy Marketing Automation

This module gives you the opportunity to automate your marketing actions like campaign e-mails to reach all your customer.

Why is our modul helpful?


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A possible use case

You want to inform your customers once a year about the latest product developments and keep them updated via a email campaign what is going on in your company. In the case you have to reach your customers manually that is a big effort! 

With our module you can avoid these situation and let the module do the work for you.

How our module helps in this situation

Creating a campaign

Create a campaign and make sure which customer should be addressed in the campaign

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Create actions within the campaign

Here the action is created that every customer from germany (Country Code= DE) will receive a email one hour after the campaign began. 

Of course the actions can be of the different kind so another option would be to let a promotion code expire after the time you set. A server action would execute the action then.

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For Mails select mail template

If you decide to send an automated mail to your chosen customers you can use or create a email template to reach out to your customer. 

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Stay up to date how the campaign is going

For every action you created you can check how the actions are developing. Here you can see for example how many emails with the sent promotion code were replied or clicked.

The measure can be configured for example to: mail replied, mails opend or mail not opend.

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