ITISeasy Document Dropzone

Because we know the Importance of Speedy No-Delay Document Synchronization.

An overview of the module

IT IS Easy Documents Dropzone



ITISeasy Document Drop Zone is a module that helps to synchronize all your documents available on “” with the “IT IS Easy Docs”.

“” is a Document Management System, which is one of the several “ITISeasy Solutions” developed by IT IS AG, at Germany. The four primary “ITISeasy Solutions” consists of “,, and”.

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Features and Benefits of ITISeasy Document Drop Zone

Easy and Fast Synchronization

Easy and Fast Synchronization between “” and “”  saves time of your employees and organization. It improves your productivity  as the employees can easily use this module to deliver faster results.

Automated and Manual Synchronization

Automated synchronization eradicates requirement of human intervention and the manual synchronization reduces chances of error due to human-check. Both ways are possible!

Create and Upload Conveniently

It is uncomplicated to operate as the directory creation and file uploading options are easy to use. Your staff won't need much training and can perform fastly at their best

In-Built Preview Viewer

Due to in-built feature of viewing the preview, there is no need to download files each time. The bandwidth storage space gets reduced and your employees can save time by working directly from the “Document Library Section”.

Understandable and Well-Structured Layout

Various display options provided in an attractive layout, help with easy differentiation of files and directories. Your employees can work faster and easily, when the visible display is available in an understandable structure.



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How you can use it

How to access the Document Dropzone

On you contacts you reach the document Dropzone where your is connected with the document management system.

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The Document Library

This section of the ITISeasy Document Drop Zone is known as “Document Library”. In this section of the module, you can create parent directory (also known as primary/main directory) and child directory (also known as secondary/sub directory). You also can upload all your documents manually or using the drag-and-drop feature.

The order structure can be configured individually.

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Drag & Drop

Once a document is received for example of an invoice from a partner, with the drag-and-drop functionality the adding to is very convinient to handle.
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You can be sure your documents are always up to date - the complete solution for your business

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