For transfer of

old software and Excel

Are your eyes going black again and do you sometimes still see green or white ASCII signs?

But no, you do not have to see a doctor, because, finally, it is time for

This way, you avoid the problems that arise when exchanging shared files or old software. Have you ever calculated how much time is lost because you and your colleagues are doing inefficient processes on the computer or not automating them?

Other scenario: Have you received once more the wrong Excel file or have worked on? The one that has been out of date for a long time. Now you need We think: If you save on software innovation, you won´t be hit between the eyes by the time. Your competitors will then be miles ahead of you.

It is not too late, because now for real small money you can change on modern software. The operating expenses are easy to grasp, the change is accompanied by our experts professionally. After a few weeks with the new software you will surprise as you could slave as long as at the old aid. It is better however, thus much faster, lighter, you will think. Though there are maybe still the old expiries which you found better. But hand on the heart: All in all, you suddenly have more time and freedoms, more flexibility and security.

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In web, in the browser instead of Windows locally or still in the terminal. Today progress looks like this.

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The shaed Excel-customer list: How are you supposed to find out someone else is working on it. With it is no problem, because either there is a hint, or a new version, or they use a common list. But: it is even better to enter the contacts immediately in

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Quickly writing another e-mail, but then you get frustrated: Again it does not work, because the service is not available. You know that? With the offline client this does not happen. Here you can write and send textes, while the connection is down no matter whether it is the intercity express which goes in a tunnel or because the provider is currently offering no network.

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Today, nevertheless, meetings are easy. Yes, this is right, but be aware: If the server is overloaded, it becomes tough. And then there is still the small print. Not with ITISeasy team. It grows with you, as you need it. And you can publish the small print yourself.

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Free of charge, indeed not pointlessly. And also if you use it correctly, it does not cost a lot: Have fun with kicking!