Business Requirement Requirement

This module allows you to define, specify, and directly create estimates that can be created as a project. 
 Describe use cases, PIs and the planned implementation of the project - transparent for all.

Business and Project Requirements  

Define goals and implementation in advance and create projects.

Estimate Required Tasks and Effort

Already during the definition phase, the required steps can be estimated as a task with corresponding effort. Configurable levels provide a better overview of the current status of the planned project.

When everything is defined and planned properly, a project with corresponding tasks can be created as a direct result of the requirements definition.

Assessment Report

In order to provide a loose of control over project costs, it is possible to print the planned tasks and the effort in an appropriate report, which can be passed on to customers or any person in charge of the project management. - the Complete Solution for Your Business

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Business Requirements Video

Find out more about the handling of business requirements in our following video!