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 Get to know our solutions at CeBIT 2017

- but not only there, but also on your premises if you wish.

Today, companies, as well as their business solutions, are facing big changes. Learn more about security, reduced dependency, lower costs and free applications that really work! Applications that don't force you into the cloud where you are dependent on the author of the software. We'll show you what your private cloud or on-premise solution can look like.

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These are the products we recommend and build on:


Odoo is a modern, highly integrated and web-based ERP system that maps all conceivable areas of a large business solution.

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Alfresco is an enterprise-class document management system for managing all your company documents, deadlines and tasks. A connection with Odoo is also possible.

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Zimbra is an enterprise collaboration and email solution that is versatile thanks to its offline client.

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You will receive a free presentation of these and other business solutions in Hall 6, Booth E17 at CeBIT 2017.​

If you can't make it, don't hesitate to contact us or call +49 8703 90690. We will be happy to answer your questions during a phone call, webcast or on-site at your company.

For more information about our products and solutions, please visit our homepage. For inquiries or detailed information about our products and services, please contact us via mail:

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