Warning notice looming, Odoo unsafe? Instead, with ITISeasy.business safely through the current wave of warnings about Google Fonts

June 11, 2023 by

ITISeasy.business does not phone home unnoticed. And ITISeasy.business does not retrieve fonts from the Google server, but stores them locally.

Because we like to protect our customers, from spies and warning letters - and other crooks as well. 

That's what it's currently about:

 Due to the ruling on the illegality of the remote integration of Google Fonts (see Az.: 3 O 17493/20) of January 20, 2022, warnings by private individuals and warning law firms have recently increased very significantly. These lawyers claim damages for violations of the GDPR, since even calling up your website or store can lead to Google gaining knowledge of the website user's computer.​

Attention: This kind of feedback occurs especially when using Odoo Enterprise and even through the normal community version, as a website or webshop. In addition, information from the customer's system is regularly transmitted here to odoo s.a. in Belgium. Do you want this?

Our ITISeasy.business provides a remedy. With ITISeasy, odoo's fork that focuses on security, you stay protected from problems of this kind.

We make sure that our systems do not pass on any unauthorized usage or user data. If you want to read more about our security efforts: here you will be informed.


Modernize and optimize your business processes with the secure ITISeasy.business

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​  Through the interaction of ITISeasy.docs and ITISeasy.business, your secure invoice filing takes care of itself, so to speak...

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