Temporary VAT reduction - What to do for it now with your odoo or ITISeasy.business?

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From July 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020, the value added tax in Germany will be reduced. This is initially primarily a relief for end consumers, but must be taken into account in particular for companies for incoming and outgoing invoices and G/L account postings.

Therefore, there is also a lot to do with your ERP system or store system. We have specialized in setting up odoo and our own offshoot "ITISeasy.business". Here you get tips to teach odoo 16% VAT.

Disclaimer: "This text is neither tax nor legal advice. It is only intended to provide you with tips and advice on what might need to be done in the event of a tax change and, despite careful research, does not claim to be complete or free of errors. If necessary, please consult the tax advisor and legal counsel you trust."

The odoo VAT reduction

You should know

1. The odoo control types

Two additional types of tax must be added to the conventional tax setup: 16% and 5%, for both domestic sales and purchases. Also, do not forget about the EU foreign private sales.

2. Additional accounts in odoo chart of accounts

Other tax accounts in the odoo chart of accounts (In Germany mostly odoo SKR03 or odoo SKR04) must be used to post the taxes.

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3. Messages, forms and interfaces

The VAT report and other reports must contain the correct key figures for these postings and be reported correctly. Even with interfaces such as Elster, care must be taken that these serve the tax types. Of course, this also applies to the transfer to DATEV.

4. Please check your receipts

You should test your invoice documents as a draft and also check all the information on a first posted invoice: The tax must be shown correctly there. Do not forget the rest of the receipts that contain tax information.

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5. The correctness of the bookings

Check whether the sample invoice from 4. has also been posted correctly, i.e. whether the accounts have been posted correctly.

6. Where does it still say VAT, VAT and VSt everywhere?

This may also need to be adjusted for online stores and other public websites that display VAT.

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