Because it's your data!

Safety is easy: Just move to an island; your own island. It will not be imposibbile to get people visting you, but you can decide on your own, who it will be. And you can rule out those whom you rather can neglect and turn down. Attackers: Get lost. 

Become self-confident with IT IS easy

Everything cloud based

When everything is in the clouds, it is hard the see through and get an overview. In the gray shades, you might meet unpleasant subjects, that are longing to get a entry for  your home and personal belongings, aka to your corporate data and trade secrets. With ITISeasy you can get a clear view and a safe surrounding. You control for yourself, who will get access and who needs to stay off limits. You have the superiour and justified feeling of beeing empowered and keep the things at hand  - at your own Private Cloud, so to speak. 

 IT IS easy business

Your contacts in foreign hands. Incomprehensible? Yes, we think so too. But why do you then share everything with companies that are based in foreign countries and do not care at all whether this is allowed here? With IT IS easy business you are owner of your business, not strangers.

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  IT IS easy docs

Would you like to nail your documents to the door to Wittenberg? Some maybe, but most things are private. With IT IS easy docs your documents are kept confidential.

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IT IS easy email

The postman comes and brings letters. All open, including those that are none of your business. Incomprehensible. Yes that's true. But why then use a freemailer where reading along is even expressly announced. With IT IS easy email  that does not happen. Because it is your mail server

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IT IS easy team

Ms. Schmidt has just come to the team meeting with the news: Our newest competitor abroad can now do what we have worked for a long time. So fast How could that happen? Yes, if you have meetings where someone is allowed to listen (see terms and conditions), you shouldn't be surprised. With IT IS easy team this will not happen.

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When do you start and try IT IS easy?

Free, but certainly not pointless. And even if you use it correctly, it doesn't cost much: Have fun kicking with the Test-Click

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