Can your odoo already offer 19% / 7% again or can you continue to offer with 7%?

Help comes from the free odoo module, which flexibly supports VAT conversion
July 1, 2023 by

The lowered tax rate was only of short duration, and it was planned in such a way, but since 01.01.2021 in many industries the procedures are to be handled in such a way as before the letzen summer 2020. But not in all areas.​

Therefore, it is important to look closely at who must now continue to pay tax and how.

For example, restaurateurs hit hard by Corona will remain in the closed season until mid-year.

Applies here:

  • 01 July 2020 - 01 January 2021: 5 % VAT on meals
  • 01.January 2021 - 30.June 2021: 7% VAT on meals
  • 01.July 2021 - 31.December 2021: according to standard taxation probably 19% in the local and 7% in the take-away business

In particular for the question of partial services, the Deutsche Handwerker-Zeitung has presented a good summary article. So also pay attention to how you now account for the partially completed trades or deal with contracts that have run beyond the end of the year. Your tax advisor will certainly be able to help you in detail. 

As for the ERP system, we will surely provide you with the right solution. You can download our free module HERE .

And: It can change again later, if the legislator gets the idea to plug the hefty budget expenditures of the pandemic period again with an increase. Therefore, our module helps all and odoo users to cope with the VAT changeover always well and quickly.

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