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Welcome to Put into practice with us the main idea of an integrated business solution, the automation of processes, as well as the division of labor in the team in connection with accounting. combines the synergies of all components and simplifies the business processes in your company, as all transactions already flow automatically into the financial accounting system in the background and maintain it as well.

This interaction lets the value of the entire system increase for your company as quickly as you always wanted it to.

The novelties in the area of finance, the "Professional Accounting and Compliance" in (excerpt):

  • Complete financial accounting according to the usual German standard
  • Completely integrated dunning system
  • Presentation of drop shipment business in the EU and abroad (triangular business)
  • New advance return for sales tax
  • Built-in DATEV export and import
  • Built-in bank data consolidation process (MT-940 compliant)
  • Budgeting
  • Sophisticated asset accounting
  • Further interfaces to downstream financial systems

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