Employee motivation with ITISeasy.business

Because positive awards drive your employees to perform at their best

Awards and rewards

With ITISeasy.business you can praise or award any employee for their work.

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Create awards

To give awards to your employees, you can first create awards that are applicable to your everyday work or create the awards directly when they are given.

Already in this overview you can see from the award how many times it has been given.

Configuration of the awards

In order to keep an overview of the allocation, it can be restricted or only applied to certain user groups of the system.

Combination with target agreements

Awarding makes sense especially if a measurable goal is linked to it at the same time. In the screenshot the sales target of 20 000 EUR per month is set. In the preceding screenshot you can see the link between the award and the target 'monthly sales target'.

This way you ensure a control of the award and create transparency.

Award given

Emma Schneider had a significant impact on the project last week and brought it to a close, which is why she is being rewarded by her supervisor with an 'Employee of the Week' award right at the contact.

Awards display

The awards given are publicly displayed on the staff contact.

With ITISeasy.business you manage to motivate your employees with a reward and award system and do the best for your success!

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