Documents in the Right Place - Automatically

The advantages are obvious: No individual folder structures on private drives, but a uniform structure that everyone is familiar with.

The Connection to Creates Added Value Here.

You know the situation: Invoices stuck in your email inbox, not filed, and you're desperately searching for them? With and, situations like that belong to the past.

The Folder Structure

The folder structure in can be populated manually as well as automatically. The automatic population only works when a business system like is connected and the configuration for automatic document uploads is set up.

The Upload

Every report that has been configured for automatic upload is deposited in the respective folder without any additional action. The link to is automatically generated and attached to the offer/order/invoice. Here, a sales contract (SO0028) was uploaded to With this function, no documents are forgotten or placed in the wrong folder anymore!

The Filing

The contract is stored in the folder. In the case of documents that do not need to be unique, there is an option to upload multiple versions of the document as well. The version is displayed on the document to avoid any confusion.

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Configuration in

For the automatic upload to work, both systems need to know which folders to populate and when.

In the example shown in the screenshot, all created offers from are automatically stored in their respective offer folders on the customer's side, with the defined report name attached.

This ensures that, for example, an individual folder structure is not created for each customer, which only the creator is familiar with, and the reports are named in an unfamiliar way for others.

Automatic Document Uploads in and

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