ITISeasy approval process

Define when and if a quotation, order or invoice should be approved before going out to the customer.

When our feature is valuable

Imagine your employees in sales and purchase are doing great and they are sending quotations and requests for quotations as well as order and invoices to your customers and vendors. You are the boss and have full trust in them but from time to time some mistakes occur. Of course you do not have the resources to double check all these processes but one way to avoid at least the biggest mistakes is to check or manually approve the processes that are above a certain amount. 

With our module you can define from which amount on your employees need to send an approval request to and you can be sure to check the processes before sending it out to your customers. In the following we show you how to use the feature with the example of a quotation. This process is similarly to use for orders and invoices.

Sending an approval

For the quotation in the screenshot an approval is required as the price is more than 1000 EUR. (we see later how to configure that) When the quotation is done the employee needs to send the approval to his manager in order to go on with the process. 

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Manager will be notified

The manager will be notified via email to approve or decline the requested quotation. The mail templates can be configured exactly how you need them.

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Quotations to confirm

At the managers side the quotations that need to be confirmed are shown in an overview in the order menu. Alternative is to open the quotation directly from the notification email. 

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Confirm the quotation

Within the specific quotation the menu bar where the quotation is normally confirmed or cancelled the manager now has the option to approve, decline or overwrite the approval. (The code to overwrite the whole process is given in the mail and can be configured as individual for every process or not changing)

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Finished approval

After approving the quotation the employee has now the standard option again to send it via mail or confirm the quotation and go on with the sales process. When the approval is declined the employee can not work on the quotation until the manager approves it.

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How to configure the approval process


In the setting of the sales module the approval release can be activated and with that you can configure if the approval should base on the amount and which amount it should be (here the amount is 1000 EUR) and who can approve the request. Besides that the mail templates can be configured. 

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Configuration of the overwriting

Whether a person is able to overwrite an approval process (without confirming or declining) can be set on the persons profile. How the code is created is also set here. (general code vs. individual code for every process new created.

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