ITISeasy Connect

Make your data exchange dreams come true!


One of the common requirements today is to connect different systems together and transfer and synchronize data.

Do you need to connect several ERP-systems, too? Or would you like to setup a data exchange with a webshop or logistics provider?

There are a lot of requirements in the field of datatransfer (EDI + message bus). Using ITIS Easy Connect you can achieve these requirements with easy configuration.

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The core of ITISeasy Connect is a reliable, yet versatile and adaptable structure


Breakthrough functions and features

  • transfer records from one Odoo system to another Odoo system or different environments

  • transfer records with selected fields only

  • transfer based on domain filter - you can define the record-structure to transfer subsequence only

  • different model sync (e.g. create purchase orders with selected fields in the target system based on sale orders)

  • send records to multiple systems at the same time based on configuration - you only need to configure once

  • create records like products on master system and transfer to the target systems

  • track your synchronization with a send queue and response queue mechanism

  • real time sync based on action and scheduler

  • sync on demand with the retry-mechanism you can sync in case of any issues manually

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How it works

ITISeasy connect creates a send queue with related records. Using a scheduler, the records are transferred to WSO2 . A WSO2 message broker transfers or broadcasts data to the related target system. There are three schedulers implemented.

1. Create Queue

This scheduler identifies the record which was created or changed by a user. For the status of changing records we are using one field in every model which we need to sync. If this field name is true, it fetches all related records. The scheduler will create an entry in the send queue table and marks the field as false once the record is synced.

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2. Send WSO message

This scheduler creates the JSON data based on the sync model configuration and includes the routing information, message type, record-id and other required information of record.

3. Resend scheduler

This scheduler sends a message again to WSO2 if the delivery of message has failed. In the configuration there can be set different time periods for retrys to resend the message automatically.
All messages are setup with an acknowledge reply. This helps the sender to check for failed transmissions.

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Introduction ITIS Connect and Configuration

In our video Part 1 of IT IS Odoo Connect, we introduce you to our product and explain the functionality. We also give you an overview about the basic configuration of the module. You can find more videos on our You-Tube Channel.

How the schedulers are working

In this video part 2 of ITIS Connect we explain the schedulers involved and how to adjust.


Example for the data transfer

In this video part 3 you can see a demonstration where we transfer one system to another.

Let your data transfer dreams come true.

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